Texas Hold'em Odds Calculator

In Texas Hold'em Poker, the strength of a hand can dramtically change as flop, turn and river is dealt. For example in a heads up match, is a big favourite against pre-flop, but becomes a huge underdog if the flop comes (see here if you don't know what favourite and underdog mean).

Let's see how Poker Predictos Odds Calculator work. As an example, let's look at the hand below:

Three players are in the hand. They are holding , and respectively. The flop comes . The first player hits the top pair and his chance of winning increases from 38% to 57%. The turn is . Now, the second player makes a set and gets the highest chance of winning (83%). Finally, the river comes and the third player hits a straight and wins the pot.


The Poker Predictos Odds Calculator, shows the equity, win and tie percentages at each street. Here, the equity means the chance of a specific hand winning the pot, taking ties into account. In other words, the equity is the sum of the player's win percentage and the fractional ownerships of the pot that the player has in ties with other players.

Find out what we can learn from this graph or start using Poker Predictor Odds Calculator!

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