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When comparing two starting hands, the heads-up probability describes the likelihood of one hand beating the other, assuming that neither hand will fold, and there will be a showdown. This situation occurs quite often in no limit hold'em and tournament play. An exhaustive analysis of all heads-up match ups... Read more
In poker, when your chance of winning the pot is mathematically more than your opponent, you will be a favorite. Otherwise when you have a hand that does not have the better chance of winning, you will be an underdog. For example in a heads-up Texas hold'em poker... Read more
In Texas Hold'em Poker, the strength of a hand can dramtically change as flop, turn and river is dealt. For example in a heads up match, is a big favourite against pre-flop, but becomes a huge underdog if the flop comes ... Read more
What can we learn from the odds calculator? Let's look at the hand below: Three players are in the hand. They are holding , and respectively. The equity, win and tie percentages at each round of the betting (i.e. preflop, flop, turn... Read more